Financial controlling

We understand construction costs

Activities provided by an authorized person – economist, controller, Cost Manager

We offer professional financial controlling services to customers who have already obtained a building permit and selected a construction company, in order to ensure compliance with the budgetary costs of construction and utilization of financial resources. We also focus on eliminating the risks of price increases during construction works.

Within the FINANCIAL CONTROLLING segment, we offer the following activities:

  • Financial management of constructions. Controlling utilization of financial resources.
  • Controlling compliance with the budgetary costs of projects / constructions.
  • Management of costs really spent on a construction in relation to the construction’s budget and contract for work.
  • Checking reported lists of the works of supplier companies with respect to the costs really spent on construction. Controlling the real state of completion of constructions.
  • Controlling fulfillment of payment schedules.
  • Financial change management process. Managing the process of extra and canceled works.
  • Change sheets management process.
  • Regular economic reports to builders – investors.
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