Technical supervision of investors

We will watch the works on your construction

Activities provided by an authorized person in the role of an Investor’s Technical Supervisor (ITS).

We offer independent professional technical supervision to customers who have obtained a building permit and plan to start a construction.

Within the TECHNICAL SUPERVISION segment, we offer the following activities:

  • Controlling the process of construction with regard to its organizational and technical components, time and financial resources. Quality control of the works.
  • Controlling fulfillment of the activities of all construction suppliers, including control of on-time performance and schedule adherence.
  • Acting on behalf of builders (investors) in the process of construction before supplying construction companies, relevant local authorities and other participants of construction proceedings.
  • Ensuring fulfillment of contractual obligations arising from contracts for work concluded between construction companies providing the works and builders.
  • Organization of regular inspection days and necessary coordination meetings.
  • Processing of monthly reports of construction works and preparing documentation for invoicing.
  • Managing potential changes in the construction process. Managing the process of extra and canceled works.
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