Project and construction management

With less worries and low costs.

Activities provided by an authorized person in the role of a Project Manager or a Construction Manager

Our implementation team works closely with the investor and manages the entire construction project based on his authorization. We manage and coordinate all suppliers of construction works, cooperate closely with the architect, designers and other project stakeholders. We are responsible for carrying out the works in accordance with the builder’s plan as well as the conditions resulting from the signed contract of work, valid project documentation and legislation, construction budget and the issued building permit.

Within the PROJECT AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT segment, we offer the following activities:

  • Management of the entire process of a construction or a construction project by our implementation team under the direction of a Project Manager. Management of sub-constructions under the direction of a Construction Manager. Our implementation team is always set up individually depending on the complexity and type of contract. It is usually composed of construction managers, or other civil engineers, with the support of a preparer and a financial controller.
  • Financial management of a project or construction. Construction processes financial controlling and management in accordance with an approved construction budget and a valid method of financing. Construction costs controlling. Processing of monthly reports of construction works and preparing documentation for invoicing. Checking partial states of completion of the works of individual suppliers, including control of the financial resources used. Management of change processes, extra and canceled works. Regular financial reporting to the investor.
  • Conducting regular inspection days and coordination meetings.
  • Managing OHS, EMS and QMS processes.
  • Preparing and processing building approval procedures.
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